1. Patchwork Harmony

    very nice!
    I like the little collection of paintings next to the arch...

  2. Catherine@Simply Natural

    Hi Isabel. Just getting back to you about your question about my vintage soda syphon - I bought mine for $50, so I think you were very lucky buying yours for next to nothing or for free! I'm sure they would be worth quite a lot.
    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Isabel loves design

    Hi Caroline, also love the display.

  4. Isabel loves design

    Catherine, thank you so much for answering to me about the siphon soda bottles.
    Love them, have some other too, of different kind.

  5. Manuela Caeiro

    Que bom gosto, Isabel!... "Coisas" lindas!
    Ando à procura do blogue que eu visitava e, com esta minha ausência, ando meia perdida... Foi assim que vim aqui parar.
    Um abraço!

  6. Carolina Eclectic

    Hi Isabel
    I just found you via my statcounter. I'm so flattered you enjoyed these photos so much. This house really was amazing:)
    P.S. Your blog is BEAUTIFUL!

  7. Isabel loves design

    Hi Caroline,
    Thank you for your visit, I really love this place as you, must thank you for photographing it. Like how they kept some of the original fetchers, like the fire place and how the decor some how has relevance with the period of the house and reps it up, the white walls are so perfect do display the art work and the little touch of colour are some how soothing to the spirit making a perfect environment to live in.

  8. Brad

    I love the collection of paintings next to the arch... Lovely post!
    The Goads

  9. Carolyn

    I love your photos!

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