French country living

All of the images by Christopher Drake are beautiful

via: Velvet and Linen




French Country beds and bedding tend to be clean and simple, like this bed covered in awhite matlesse quilt...or these beds covered with simple linens.


The chapter on "2009_01_01_09_15_43.pdf001Fabrics" is filled with gorgeous images of the restrained use of color that is so appealing in Northern French Country
According to Ms. Clifton-Mogg, there has been very little change in the colors used in French interiors.Country fabrics, so a 19th century quilt (made from a petticoat when the fashion changed) looks lovely paired with newer pillows.
The "Furniture" chapter is filled with splendid examples of French armoires and cabinets that
are used to store table linens....

2008_12_31_05_30_03.pdf001pitchers and platters...

books in the library....


glasses and dishes behind chicken wire in the kitchen
and clothing in the bedroom. When these cabinets are painted, they are usually a soothing shade
of blue or green.


I could go on and on about this book, but I am off to go ice skating (Leila has been begging!).
One last image from the "Materials" chapter. I love the creamy colored limestones used in French Country homes as well as the aged brick and terra cota. Most stone is cut by hand and has a rough feel to it.

all images by Christopher Drake