If you also like poufs and want to show them of, please send me a line and We could make a post about it.

I have an old one that I really would love to copy. My daughter shell be moving out of home soon, sure she will love to have them and will give me the pleasure of being creative and appreciated(hopefully).

Poufs Love

Loving: Poufs
Beautiful post by the city Sage

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You know how when you're obsessed with something, you see it everywhere you go? Right now I'm having a pouf moment, and it seems like everyone and his dog has one of these Moroccan leather hassocks. What I've noticed, however, is that their application extends well beyond the harem den; they're quite versatile little creatures! And of course that just makes me want one more...


Of course that's not to say that I don't love a vibrant ethnic interior, made even more fabulous by a metallic gold pouf. But how fun would it be to mix and match cultural references? Here a fuchsia pouf gets very friendly indeed with a Japanese folding screen and a sinuous spindle lamp.


Preppy Palm Beach chic is the perfect counterpoint to these lime green fellas. I just love how the poufs reference the cylindrical shape of the traditional bolster pillows on that gorgeous daybed.

This celadon blue pouf is so striking against the pale whites and greys. And Barcelona chairs can sometimes feel a bit stark and cold, but the pouf warms things right up.

lucinda symons.jpg
Same color scheme, totally different effect! The Hollywood Regency wallpaper and sleek chair are 100% glam. But that table looks straight out of Sheherazade. Yet it works---the pouf acts as a bridge between the two looks in order to create a unified whole.


Mod couch in pink linen + angular marble coffee table + slouchy white pouf = when do I move in?

selina lake.png

Here the poufs have been repurposed as occasional tables. Aren't they suited perfectly to this job? And the contrast between the spacey silver poufs and the straight-laced antique portraits makes each element that much more striking.


Any trace of opulence is absent from this clean and simple interior. The poufs in caramel leather have an almost organic appeal, as though they grew straight up from the floor like fairy stools!

gbrown button.jpg

An uber-traditional drawing room gets the pouf treatment! I imagine a staid English manor house in the early 1800's. A mysterious troupe of gypsies arrive on the estate, bringing with them silks and rugs from afar...a dashing Romany boy sweeps the earl's beautiful daughter off her feet. The pair steals away into the night but in her place they leave this handsome pouf. A fair trade, right?

Image Credits: 1. Sarah's Fab Day 2. Skona Hem 3. Source Unknown 4. Kelly Wrestler 5. Lucinda Symons 6. Rachel Smith 7. Selina Lake 8. Ellen Silverman 9. Brown Button 10. Katie Sellers

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