this first makeover belongs to art director justin lieb and her crenshaw loft. i love the whimsical way she turned this raw space into a playful home full of color and whimsical abstract wall clouds. click here to see additional photos of the loft.


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Before and After


before via design *sponge

before via design *sponge

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Cardboard Creations

Lovely creation by French designer Catherine, from Catherine Carton

Commode Marie-Antoinette

Boîte à bijoux

Boîte à jouets

Commode pétales

Commode noire

Table échec Miroir Frou-Frou


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Book Review: A Passion for Collecting by Caroline Clifton-Mogg


Confession time: I picked up a copy of 'A Passion for Collecting ' over two weeks ago, and I'm so captivated by the photos that I have yet to read a single word of text! But really, this is one of those rare interiors books in which you can actually feel the presence of the people who live in these homes--their personalities shine through the objets they collect and the way they display them. I want to meet each and every inhabitant of these spaces. Don't you just adore the mix of Rococo opulence and sleek modernism in the office above? That tall purple glassware on the desk has me drooling!

Clearly the person behind this dining vignette has spent a lot of time at French flea markets. I'd love to have tagged along while they hunted down that stunning chandelier and those folding bistro chairs. And I can't even imagine how riotous it would be to have afternoon tea with the proprietor of the salon below!


I don't usually go for loads of antiques, but the colors of this parlour keep the look fresh and youthful. If I had such gorgeous architectural moulding, I'd for sure paint it just like this!

passion for collecting city sage.jpg

Collections don't have to be obscure and exorbitant; sometimes everyday objects make the loveliest collections of all! This hall of mirrors elevates the humble reflecting glass to a work of art.


Not every room in the book is overflowing with objects. The restraint of this sitting area--the carefully balanced mix of modern art and classical furniture---is simply exquisite.

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David Jimenez

David Jimenez

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Cake Divine { LovinSullivanCakes }

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wedding cakes

My favourites below

New York wedding cake

New York custom cake