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I get so caught up in the cheer and festivity of Christmas, I often forget that it's quite a romantic holiday too. But imagine, if you will, a long ago Christmas Eve on the range. The town schoolteacher --a recent transplant from the big city--becomes trapped in her tiny cabin during a blizzard. The gruff yet gorgeous sheriff--spurned by love in the past---arrives to rescue her and ends up getting snowed in himself.

Unable to leave the cabin until the snow stops, the schoolteacher and the sheriff circle each other warily. She thinks he is an uncouth, uncivilized cowboy. He is suspicious and awkward around her refined East Coast ways. Ruffled feathers ensue.


But as the storm rages outside, tensions in the tiny cabin begin to thaw. She discovers in his saddlebags the love note he had written her but was too shy to deliver. He finds in her cupboard the mittens she knitted but couldn't work up the courage to give him. They gaze at each other longingly from opposite sides of the rustic plank floor...


Christmas morning dawns to find the skies a clear, cold blue. The warmth of a crackling fire fills the prairie cabin as our couple snuggles close. They nibble cinnamon biscuits and laugh about how they secretly loved each other the whole time. What a story they will have to tell their grandchildren!


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